Bulk Woods

We have been sourcing and selling the best quality bulk wood we can find from various parts of Australia. Due to weather conditions, and supply and demand, the types of wood available can change during the seasons.

Mallee Stumps
One of the best heat output timber materials you will find. We source our Mallee Stumps  from farmers who we have had long associations with. Harder to come by know…. it is a priveledge when we can get our hands on a few tonnes of this beautiful wood. Sizes range from golf ball size to watermelon size. Smaller nuggets great for slow feed of a fire to maintain a constant temperature.

River Red Gum
As mentioned, a prolific tree found right across Australia with concentrations in South Australia, Northern Victoria (Murray River), outback New South Wales and up into Western Queensland, as it follows the Darling River system. Since colonial times, it has proved to be a versatile timber with many applications. As a firewood, it is ideal for combustion wood heaters, but because of its low flame output, it may not be as effective on an open fire. However it is a very common firewood and in abundance.

Blue Gum
Bluegum as a dry fuel is easier to light and as effective in heat provision and burn time efficiency than either Redgum or Mallee Root timber. Bluegum is ready to light, provides excellent heat and burn rate. It is plantation grown, carbon neutral, sustainable and a more environmentally conscious choice.

Not so much a single Eucalyptus variant as such, but a family with numerous types generally associated with the term. The common varieties are the Red and Gray Ironbark. Found mostly in New South Wales, Southern Queensland, down into Victoria and over into Tasmania, this is another excellent combustion type firewood, and should be in abundant supply for those of you living in those regions listed above.

Relative Heat
Available/Unit Vol %
Density (kg/m3)


Mallee Root 100 Difficult Poor Few Excellent
Ironbark 97 1090 Difficult Poor Few Excellent
Redgum 80 897 Difficult Fair Moderate Excellent
Bluegum 80 977 Fair Poor Good Good