BBQ Accessories

The Smoking Log Co. has a range of accessories to help with your cooking. Our range is always changing, so pop in and see what we have available. A few of our best sellers are:

Vortex Cones
These are designed for the Weber BBQ to give you a better, hotter heat. Ideal for crispy chicken wings and seafood.

Burger Smashers
If you're serious about your burgers, you need this. This heavyweight Stainless Steel press smashes down burgers into flat patties that cook evenly and sear to caramelised perfection. Features a wooden handle that stays cool to the touch and gives a comfortable grip.

Pink Butchers Paper
Food grade butchers paper will gie your brisket a great bark, while allowing the moisture to retain in the food. Also great for wrapping beef shorties and pork ribs. Our paper is 600mm wide and in 2.5 and 5m rolls.

Heavy Aluminium Foil
Foil is critical for a great cook, yet at times the standard foil is far too thin and usually tears. This foil is ideal for wrapping and minimising tears so it seals the flavour and retains the moisture and juices.

Nitrite Gloves
Nitrite gloves are a food safe, disposable glove ideal for food handling. An economical way to keep your hands clean and your food safe.

Charcoal Chimney
One of the best and fastest ways to get your charcoal of briquettes started. Simply fill and place the fire lighter underneath. The shape and airflow will speed up your lighting process and have you cooking in no time.

Cedar Grilling Planks
The spicy and fragrant smoke of Cedar is full-bodied and aromatic. Cedar planked salmon is a classic preparation originating from the Pacific Northwest. The fusion between cedar and salmon is truly magic.

Instant Read Thermometer
Gauge whether your steak's done without cutting into your precious piece of meat. The Instant-Read Thermometer provides a fast, accurate digital temperature readout. Whether you prefer rare or well-done, don't leave it up to chance.

Fibreglass Heat Seal
Does your BBQ or smoker struggle to hold heat? Are you wasting fuel trying to cook a simple BBQ? Don't wait any longer. Seal up your unit for optimum performance with out self adhesive fibreglass tape. Simple to install - clean the surface of your smoker or BBQ where the tape is to be applied, peel off the tape backing and roll on to the surface.

Dry Aged Steak Bags
Misty Gullys Banquet Bags feature award winning Danish technology that allow you to safely dry age steak, smallgoods and salami safely and quickly without the need of expensive dry ageing chambers or commercial setups. All you need is a fridge and a vacuum sealer! The material of the bag creates a bond with the natural proteins in the meat, allowing for moisture and oxygen exchange while ensuring the ageing process is free from risk of contamination.

Hot Devil Butane or Propane Torches
Looking for a quick way to ignite your charcoal, briquettes or wood? The Heat Wands have a long reach and are simple to use. Available in a range of sizes and refills always available.

Heat Proof Gloves
Our Gloves are heat resistant up to 800 degrees Celsius. Featuring silicone webbing and non-slip grip, these BBQ gloves are designed to ensure maximum dexterity when in use.